Elder PastorTeacher

Job Description: Elder: Pastor/Teacher Staff Position

Primary Objective

Crossroads Bible Fellowship (CBF) is seeking to fill a position for teaching, preaching, and leadership.  The ideal candidate has prior church leadership experience.  The flexibility of the position will be tailored to allow for either a seasoned leader or a young man to be trained on the job.  The desired outcome of this process is to develop and integrate a long-term leader into the plurality of existing elders who already serve at CBF, under Jesus Christ, our Chief Shepherd.  The desired result will be an expansion in CBF's overall ministry:  More to Christ, More Like Christ, For His Glory.

Job Description

The position allows for collaboration and flexibility in defining either a full time or part time role according to the applicant’s desire, abilities, and experience.  The salary will be commensurate with experience.  We are looking for an individual who is eager to embrace and grow into the following responsibilities: 

  1. Preaching

    • Every 4-6 weeks (or more depending on desire, gifting, and ministry fit)

    • Contribute to preacher training and effectiveness

  2. Small Group Leadership

    • Lead at least one home group per year for approximately 10 weeks

    • Participate in at least one other home group per year for approximately 10 weeks

  3. Relationship and Role within the Elder Group

    • Engage actively with CBF leadership through weekly elders’ meetings

    • The long-term goal includes undergoing a thorough process towards becoming an elder, which encompasses an examination of biblical qualifications and relevant training

  4. Vision for ministry growth

    • Identify and pursue new ministry opportunities, individually and for CBF

    • Initiate shepherding and discipleship

    • Follow-up with visitors

    • Goal setting and regular reviews with the elders

  5. Opportunities for your wife

    • Though not required to be married, we recognize the role of husband/wife as a ministry team serving together

    • Opportunities will be available for the candidate's wife to develop her own ministries within the church, especially in discipling and supporting other women in the congregation 

As a member of the CBF staff, you will be encouraged to elevate your leadership capabilities while growing spiritually, professionally, and relationally.  These goals align with the detailed expectations in our "Personal Ministry Outcomes" section and are integral to embodying the Mission and Vision of Crossroads Bible Fellowship.

Job Requirements

Required Qualifications:

  • Male, born-again believer in Christ

  • Exhibits a shepherd’s heart, demonstrating a mature, godly life and a strong personal relationship with the Lord, evidenced by daily habits of Bible study and prayer

  • Desires to serve as part of a leadership team; this is not an executive pastor role

  • Demonstrates Biblical priorities at home with his wife and children (if applicable)

  • Teacher and Preacher (expository preaching, having capability for topical sermons/series as well)

  • Full agreement with CBF’s Mission, Vision, and Foundational Doctrine statement

Desired Qualifications:

  • A heart for evangelism, actively sharing the gospel and engaging in outreach opportunities

  • Previous experience in a pastoral or elder role

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in Bible or Theology

  • Experience leading volunteers in ministry

Personal Ministry Outcomes

As part of your journey with CBF, we anticipate your growth in the following key areas:

Spiritual Development

  • Resolve to keep growing as a fully committed follower of Christ

  • Relate what the Bible teaches about core ministry principles

  • Personally reflect our Mission: More To Christ, More Like Christ, For His Glory

Personal Development

  • Identify and cultivate your strengths as a team player

  • Gain a deeper understanding of God’s calling to lead within the church

  • Develop your personal ministry statement

Professional Development

  • Apply leadership skills in serving as a team player

  • Demonstrate humility in learning to be a leader

  • Develop meeting leadership skills in the process of meeting with Church leaders and home groups 

Application Requirements

To apply for this position, please submit the following information, which will help us understand your desire and potential fit for the role: 

  1. ? Cover Letter: Detail your fit for this role which portrays your passion and vision for a ministry such as this. Please call out specific experiences or skills that align with the position's requirements.

  2. ? Resume: Provide a comprehensive resume describing your relevant pastoral and leadership experience.

  3. ? Two-Minute Introduction Video: Share a brief video introducing yourself, focusing on your pastoral journey and vision.

  4. ? Prior Sermon Video: Provide a link to a prior sermon.