Worship Coordinator PartTime

Worship Coordinator

Job Purpose:  Coordinate and lead spirit-filled worship, in collaboration with the Ministry of Worship, which inspires and draws people closer to the Lord as well as prepares their hearts to receive the message of God.

Part-Time:  15-20 hrs per week                             
Compensation:  $15+ per hour
Reimbursements: $1,000 annually for conferences and ministry expenses                                                                                      

Areas of Responsibility
We do not want applicants to feel overwhelmed or discouraged by the broad scope of ministry listed below. We understand that time may not permit all areas to be fulfilled by a part-time position. This job description reflects where we would like to see the position develop and attention will be given to some areas only when time allows. Therefore, priority will initially be given to certain areas determined by mutual agreement with the Pastor and the Ministry of Worship.

1. Sunday Morning Worship Services

  • Lead the congregation in authentic worship

  • Empower others to serve according to their gifts and talents

  • Select music for all services according to theme of morning message

  • Select readings and responses helpful to flow of worship

  • Plan order of services in cooperation with the Senior Pastor

  • Recruit additional worship leaders and special music (alongside the Worship Ministry)

  • Communicate with projection team and sound techs

  • Input song selections, lyrics, etc. into planning and projection technologies

  • Schedule team members for each service (vocals, instruments, projection, and sound) and find substitutes for regular volunteers as necessary

 2. Worship Teams (musicians, vocalists, sound techs & projectionists)

  • Build competency and confidence musically and spiritually

  • Recruit, train, and develop

  • Coordinate & lead weekly practices

  • Mentor interns

3. Special ServicesEducate the congregation concerning worship

  • Assist in planning special worship services (i.e. holiday services, hymn sings, worship nights)

  • Coordinate music for special services (i.e. Baptisms, Communions, etc.)

  • Assist in the development of new services as needed

  • Set up and tear down for weddings, funerals, and other services in sanctuary, fellowship hall, and occasionally at locations outside of the building

  • Coordinate and help with Christmas services (Christmastime is quite taxing and involves coordinating extra services, lots of special music and individual practices to accompany those specials, and a need to be available to participate in or assist with Christmas Eve services.)

4. Other Responsibilities

  • Pursue being a Christ follower in order to model and mentor what that looks like.

  • Meet with the Ministry of Worship monthly to provide direction and assistance, helping them carry out their mission.

  • Assist Youth and Children’s Ministry Coordinators in youth/kids music needs (i.e. LOFT, Club Riot, VBS, choirs, concerts and special programs)

  • Choir coordination and development (Adult Choir, Bell Choir, youth/children’s, ensembles)

  • Attend weekly staff meetings on Wednesday mornings, if at all possible

Organizational Relationships
This person is responsible to the Ministry of Worship and to the Senior Pastor. The worship coordinator shall work in harmony with other members of the church staff and congregation.  Differences of opinion or areas of conflict shall be worked out privately or with the Ministry of Worship as needed.  Evaluations and reviews of performance, contracts, and job description will occur no less than twice a year from the Senior Pastor (in consultation with the Ministry of Worship).