Senior Pastor

First Baptist Church
"A Community of Christ Followers Sharing the Hope of Jesus"

With a long history in the downtown area of Aurora, Illinois, First Baptist Church finds itself at the intersection of an exciting and challenging ministry.  To continue our presence in Aurora, we are looking for a creative, strong leader who will help us:

- Adapt to the changes brought by the retirement of our long-term Pastor and the changes in our culture since Covid.

- To see a new vision for ministry in Aurora

- Strengthen our diverse congregation through spiritual growth, worship and discipleship.

The foundation and history of our church lies in caring for one another and mission done in a variety of ways.  The opportunities for the future are numerous.

- Our building is large with many opportunities and rooms for ministry. 

- First Baptist Church's building is right on the edge of downtown Aurora which is a whole ministry in and of itself.

- We are just down the street from Waubonsee Community College, a half mile from West Aurora High School and 1.5 miles from Aurora University.

- We are within walking distance of many apartments an home.

- Our neighborhood connects us to a diverse population with many possibilities for connection and presence.

What First Baptist Church of Aurora Desires in a Senior Pastor

First Baptist's Pastor gives spiritual oversight to the congregation, using God-given gifts and personal skills, in the leadership of worship, teaching, prayer, vision, and outreach of the church.

As we have discussed FBC's leadership needs, the following are some of the strengths we are looking for in our next Pastor:

Worship Leadership - As the largest gathering of the congregation, we value our Pastor's leadership in working with our Music Minister and laity in the implementation of our worship experience.

Interpreting the Faith - To guide us in discipling one another and with undertanding our historic faith as it interacts with the ever-changing world around us.

Outward Ministry Leadership and Church Growth - Recognizing the need to reach out beyond ourselves, we need a Pastor to walk with us in the uniqueness of our ministry setting and see the possibilities of reaching into our community, enhancing and growing the outreach we are doing for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Preaching / Communication - To connect the congregation to the Word of God and be able to effectively communicate the truth of God's Good News to those both inside and outside the church.

Pastoral Care - To be a caring presence in our congregation, in our homes, and in our community.

Visitation - To be present in our community.   There are so many options of places to be present: Colleges/Universities, downtown Aurora, schools, businesses, nieghborhoods, hospitals and home.

Send Resume to:

Doug Varney
First Baptist Church Search Committee Chairperson