The Pastor is the shepherd of our congregation. The Pastor will have the desire to preach, teach, and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to our congregation, neighborhood, and community. We are seeking someone who lives the Word.

We do not employ assistant pastors so our pastor is involved with all activities of the congregation. We have a church board, consisting of four commissions (Ministry, Witness, Nurture, and Stewards) which handle the business of the church, allowing the Pastor to focus on preaching, teaching, visitation, and growing and strengthening our congregation spiritually.

Duties would include:

  • Be a guide in understanding God's Word

  • Provide spiritual guidance and counseling

  • Lead and deliver mesddages during worship services (Worship Leaders avaialble if desired)

  • Conduct weddings, funerals, and child dedications

  • Conduct baptisms and membership classes

  • Visitations (Shut-ins and hospital)

  • Work with the board on all matters

  • Work with deacons on areas of spiritual growth