Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor of Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church
Zion E&R Church seeks to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Gospel in the power of the Spirit, in north Iowa and to the ends of the earth. The ideal candidate will be a man of God, growing in godliness as outlined in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1, with a zeal for Christ and people.

At Zion, our definition of a disciple is someone who, by grace, is learning to follow Jesus, by the power of the Spirit, with evident growth, in every vocation of their life.

By “vocation,” we mean that every Christian will have the following
vocations: 1) a child of God, 2) married or single, 3) honoring family
obligations, 4) member of Christ’s church, 5) busy at work, 6) member of

The above zeal for worship, evangelism, and discipleship is expected to be carried out in a commitment to Reformed theology, as confessed in the Savoy Declaration of Faith (1658) and the Three Forms of Unity: the Belgic Confession (1561), the Heidelberg Catechism (1563), and the Canons of Dort (1619).

1. To serve in a leadership role to the the entire church family, with a
primary focus on youth ministry, by:
a. Growing trusting relationships with the congregation and youth by
being available on their turf, excellent communication with parents
and congregation, and pastorally exemplifying a godly walk with
Jesus through personal repentance and faith
b. Preparing youth to take part in relevant forms of worship, prayer,
profession of faith, daily Scripture reading, and mission work
c. Seeking partnership opportunities with local ministries, churches,
and youth groups
d. Pastorally acting as a servant-leader, in tandem with the Sr.
Minister and Consistory (Elders and Deacons)
2. To serve as leader for the Youth Ministry by:
a. Preparing and leading weekly confirmation class, with focus on the
Heidelberg Catechism.
a. Planning, coordinating, and executing Youth Mission Trips,
ministry calendars, Bible camps, and retreats.
b. Gathering, equipping, and supporting ministry teams for Sunday
School, New Life and Youth Group programs
c. Spiritually mentoring, training, and praying for Team Leaders and
d. Leading and planning weekly youth groups to produce disciples of
Jesus Christ that are equipped to live for Him, and participate in
the life of the church to make more disciples for His glory
e. Equipping youth to follow Jesus in their interests and vocations, as
well as for some youth to lead in Scripture and discipleship; and
inspire deeper worship of God through music.
3. To serve an active role in the Christian Education Board alongside
the Superintendent and Church leaders by:
a. Building relationships with students, parents, and church leaders.
b. Giving oversight, taking responsibility, and helping to execute the
jobs of the Board, such as recruiting teachers/volunteers, overseeing and supplying curriculum, and planning a variety of activities, programs, and events.
c. Coordinating and helping administer Sunday school, New Life,
and Vacation Bible School programs and events, as well as seeking
to grow and expand opportunities as the Lord allows.
4. Assist the Minister(s) in weekly activities of worship, Bible teaching,
discipleship, administration, and any other duties as they become
a. Accountable to both the Sr. Minister and the Consistory, yet in a
culture of teamwork and no micro-managing.
b. Develop (with the Sr. Minister) a Reformed and Gospel-driven
philosophy of ministry that will be implemented at all times by all
pastoral staff of Zion.
C. Commit to the Ministry of the Word as of first importance, with
expectations of preaching and teaching to be clearly delineated.
D. Push our leadership towards a hunger for faithfulness and
E. Prepare and lead worship service at least monthly, assist with
home and hospital visitation, weddings and funerals.
F. Attend leadership and administrative meetings of the church.
G. Connect with community partners to evangelize and participate in
community outreach programs.
H. Assist with correspondence/communications (Newsletter, Sunday
bulletin, Facebook, Website editor) through printed and digital

1. Be fully committed to Christ as Savior and Lord in all areas of
doctrine and life.
2. Sense a calling to congregational ministry that can be verified with a proven track record.
3. Embrace a team-based approach to ministry with a commitment to unity in Reformed doctrine as well as gospel-driven ministry
4. Assume responsibility for one’s growth and development with the
full cooperation and support of the Consistory and
congregation. This growth should focus on:
a. Spiritual growth – "keep a close watch on your life and
doctrine" (I Timothy 4:16)
b. Personal/family growth – taking time for appropriate “selfcare.”
c. Professional growth – growth in ministry in general and the
responsibilities of the position in particular. Be willing to pursue

Salary dependent upon education and experience. Benefits included,
housing options open to negotiation.

Individuals interested in serving Christ with our church family should send a cover letter and resume to Dave Steen ( to receive further information regarding our church situation. If you have questions, please contact us.