To assist the Music Director (MD)/Keyboardist during live worship and rehearsals in order to provide a high-quality worship experience that is focused on God's presence for the ultimate purpose of changing lives. 

The Asistant Music Derictor (AMD) will work with the Music Director to produce quality worship sets and cohesion in the band and among the singers for consistent, high-quality worship from week-to-week. The AMD will take direction from the MD and Worhsip Pastor.


  • Follow instructions and details from the MD and Worship Pastor.

  • Play keyboard for Sunday morning services, Thursday night worship rehearsals, and once a month Friday night service. Other special events may require musical support. 

  • Engage in and at times, lead rehearsals in the absence of the MD and Worship Pastor.

  • Vocally lead songs if called upon to do so.

  • Teach vocal parts for songs if called upon to do so.

  • Bring technical, relational, or spiritual issues or concerns to the attention of the Worship Pastor or MD.

  • Troubleshoot music issues on the fly.

  • Provide charts for band members.

  • Work with other musicians to ensure quality worship.

  • Work with tracks and other tech to enhance the worship experience.

  • Work with staff and volunteers to provide worship and audio solutions for your area.


  • Mastery of playing the keyboard.

  • Worship band member and worship leading experience.

  • Musical knowledge/experience for teaching vocal and instrument parts.

  • Technical knowledge in eletronic musical instruments, MIDI, and music software.

  • Competency with Planning Center.


  • Fit with Ideal Team Player: Christ-Centered, Humble, Hungry, Self-Aware, Servant Leader.

  • Quality of musical ability.

  • Effectiveness in leading in absence of Worship Leader and Music Director.

  • Team Chemistry.

  • Effectively responding to instructions and needs of the Worship Pastor and MD.

  • Growth and engagement within your craft, leadership, and Christ-likeness.


  1. Reports to Music Director and Worship Pastor

  2. Works in collaboration with Muli-Media Team, Teach Arts Team, and Worship Team members