Veritas Academy Head of School

Veritas Academy Head of School Job Opening


Veritas Academy has provided a classical, Christian education for part-time and full-time students since 1996. Our curriculum is rigorous and stresses literary excellence along with sound reasoning in the Biblical and Western tradition. We provide students with the intellectual challenge that will prepare them to both proclaim and defend the faith.


We are committed to our mission yet flexible in our methods to encourage and assist families to fulfill their God-given responsibility to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Veritas Academy provides a rich, classical, Christian, education in just three classroom days, affording families the time they need to serve in ministry, and enjoy hobbies and activities.


We are associate members of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. The primary mission of the ACCS is to promote, establish, and equip schools committed to a classical approach to education in light of a Christian worldview grounded in the Word of God.

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Head of School Position Description

The Head of School should seek God and be used by God to provide educational and administrative leadership to the school. They will set the direction for all educational and administrative activities in collaboration with the other board members and teachers. Their teaching and interpersonal skills will help guide students and teachers to reach their full potential. They should have good time management and delegation skills that empower the whole school community to work together. They should be a Spirit-dependent and Spirit-led leader (Philippians 2:5) capable of coaching and developing others.

Other Essential responsibilities:

  • Ensure Veritas Academy provides students an excellent classical, Christian education

  • Coordinate curriculum and classes that meet family, teacher, and student needs

  • Build healthy and effective relationships with the parents, teachers and students

  • Manage school calendar and communicate clearly with teachers, students and families

  • Focus efforts to hire, train and retain our talented teachers

  • Conduct school 3 days a week and perform other necessary weekly duties that normally pertain to a school administrator

  • Identify improvement opportunities and find and guide resources to implement them

  • Comfortable promoting, educating, and advocating for Veritas Academy

  • Timely communication and engagement with all interested new families

  • Propose and adhere to an annual budget

  • Empowers students and volunteers to use creative social media

  • Partner with board and families as God directs us


  • Deep appreciation and understanding of a Classical Christian education

  • Personal commitment and pattern of following Christ

  • Undergraduate degree and a pattern of educational success

  • Diligent Bible student in harmony with Veritas Academy Mission and Statement of Faith

  • Understands and agrees with our core beliefs IITimothy 3:16-17 and Matthew 22:37-40

  • Experienced and skilled communicator capable of organized teaching and discipleship

  • Relational leader who is led by the Holy Spirit and can lead with confidence, humility, and a servant’s heart, inspiring others to follow Christ

  • Understands the responsibilities of our school and facilitates and coordinates with others


Interested Candidates should submit the following:

  • Short Answer Questionnaire

  • Resume

  • References (3)

  • Cover Letter (Optional)

Head of School Application Link (Need posted on Veritas Academy Website)

Contact Rebecca Christianson with any application process difficulties: 614-325-4080

Short Answer Questionnaire
How did you hear about this job?
Why are you applying for this position?
Describe your Christian faith and current relationship with God?
After reading our mission and statement of faith, do you need any clarification and do
you see any areas where you might be unable to affirm or teach?
What books or articles have you read recently that have influenced your view of what is
an ideal Classical Christian school?
Please elaborate on any often discussed Classical Christian school concepts where you
strongly agree or disagree?
Why do you think this position might be a good fit?