Worship Leader

Introduction to LifeSpring Christian Church

LifeSpring Christian Church has been located in the North College Hill suburb of Cincinnati since 1969.  A nondenominational church following the principles established by the Restoration Movement, LifeSpring calls on Christians saved through the sacrifice of Jesus to live by the teaching of the Bible and to join God in bringing a broken world into a full and eternal relationship with Him.


The LifeSpring congregation is comprised of people of different ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, and interests.  Weekly worship includes one traditional service and two contemporary services on Sunday mornings.  Average attendance is about 450, including 3 worship services plus Children's and Youth Ministry programs.



Worship Leader Overview

LifeSpring Sunday worship services are intended to create a welcoming environment that motivates all to (1) Focus on God; (2) Grow in their Faith; (3) Build the Community of Believers; and (4) Find Refreshment, Renewal, and Encouragement so they can serve and represent Christ in their daily lives.  Music is a core element to accomplish these goals.  We are looking for a Worship Leader to lead all aspects of music in Sunday worship, and other music and worship events throughout the year.


The Worship Leader oversees all worship volunteers including vocalists, instrumentalists, and the audio/visual production team.  They set the tone and example of worshipping God as the primary focus of the community music experience.  They partner with the other ministerial staff and volunteers who organize different aspects of the Sunday morning worship experience.  Ideally, they would be able to plan and lead traditional and contemporary worship services on Sunday morning.


This position requires a strong and proven leader with excellent organizational skills, who is passionate about worshipping God and building a like-minded team of musicians.  Knowledge and experience leading worship across a broad range of music styles is needed to engage the variety of age, race, ethnicity, and background of the people in the LifeSpring community.


For this role, the leader will need a passion for musical excellence, as well as for leadership, team development, and collaboration with other ministries.  Reporting directly to the Lead Pastor, this position works with staff, volunteers, and external music and production resources to make sure services, special events, and music production are excellent and meaningful.



Worship Leader | Detailed Job Description

POSITION: Worship Minister/Leader

REPORTS TO: Lead Pastor

HOURS: Full-Time (or Part-Time if desired by candidate, in which case the duties would be a subset of the following description)



The Worship Leader at LifeSpring Christian Church is responsible for organizing the overall experience at our Sunday worship gatherings and special worship events.  This includes leading the music during services plus assuring a meaningful worship experience by all participants at LifeSpring worship gatherings.  They are responsible for developing effective worship teams and fostering a healthy culture of worship throughout the congregation.



  • Effectively lead volunteers and the congregation to praise and honor God through music as LifeSpring gathers to worship. Remind congregation regularly why we are gathered to worship and encourage participation with Scripturally accurate comments and exhortations

  • Demonstrate and encourage a growing personal lifestyle of Biblical worship. Help promote integrity and authentic worship amongst team members, LifeSpring staff and the congregation

  • Recruit, train, oversee, and inspire vocalists, instrumentalists and audio/visual production team members

  • Provide spiritual leadership, encouragement and genuine care for the well-being of worship team members by pastorally leading and discipling members of the worship ministry teams through intentional times of prayer, fellowship, encouragement, and coaching

  • Collaborate with other ministries in planning the total Sunday worship experience, including selecting worship music that reinforces the sermon theme(s)

  • Keep musical sound, projection and recording equipment operational and available for use during Sunday services and other events (e.g., weddings, funerals, special events)

  • Maintain a multi-faceted knowledge of Christian music, music production, music equipment, and latest trends used in worship environments. Select songs with lyrics that are theologically true and select arrangements which volunteers and the congregation can readily participate in playing and singing

  • Consistently discuss with worship team members the purpose of worship, how songs are selected, etc., to build their understanding and passion for participating on the worship team

  • Creatively and intentionally engage and encourage the church to worship in services, at special events and throughout the week



  • Select Sunday worship songs and arrangements, assign musicians and audio/visual volunteers and post in Planning Center. Manage all music resourcing, production scheduling, and rehearsal scheduling

  • Effectively communicate detailed worship plans and schedules to assure worship team members are well-prepared for each worship event

  • Oversee the preparation of graphic and digital communication for LifeSpring worship events including slides/videos to support sermon themes and content, worship song content, congregation announcements, etc. Ensure that graphic elements are produced in a timely manner and utilize the appropriate media platform

  • Maintain contingency plans to compensate for unexpected worship team absences. Assure job function checklists are complete and accurate to enable substitute team members and facilitate volunteer training

  • Assure music ministry events are communicated and integrated into overall LifeSpring calendar

  • Prepare and manage music department annual budget

  • Maintain effective storage, organization/filing, and archiving systems for music and equipment

  • Advise on the procurement, strategy, and financial planning of new music/production equipment

  • Maintain all equipment inventory and maintenance, subscriptions and licenses, music apps and software up to date



  • Lead worship planning meetings and be responsible for musical elements

  • Supply musicians with musical resources (ex. mp3, chord chart, score, multi-tracks, vocal tracks, etc.) in preparation for rehearsals and services

  • Organize and lead rehearsals

  • Ensure musical elements are ready and volunteers are fully engaged and communicated with regularly



  • Ensure high quality streaming and recording of Sunday worship service

  • Oversee the editing and uploading of appropriate sections of the worship service to video platform(s) to make recordings available for subsequent on-line access




  • Have an intimate and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Be fully committed to living a godly life both in public and private. A person of character and demonstrated lifestyle of integrity consistent with Biblical principles (1 Tim. 3:1-7)

  • Agree with and support beliefs of LifeSpring Christian Church and tenets of the Restoration Movement Church. Demonstrate enthusiasm for the mission, vision and values of LifeSpring and actively engage in church and personal efforts to live out and further them

  • Be willing to join the family of LifeSpring Christian Church as a member

  • Be committed to the ministry of LifeSpring Christian Church and see his/her role as one of shepherding and guiding music team members to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ



  • Multiple years’ experience planning and leading God-centered worship

  • Talented singer and song leader in front of a congregation

  • Musical competence to adjust arrangement, key, etc. to integrate and assist the skills of volunteer musicians. Able to competently play at least one musical instrument (Formal musical training helpful but not critical if highly gifted and talented)

  • Skilled in music and arrangement selection that brings theologically true songs with lyrics that praise God (and preferably reinforce the sermon theme)

  • Excellent organizing skills and able to plan, schedule and communicate effectively to coordinate the efforts of several dozen volunteers

  • Multi-faceted knowledge of worship, music, music production technology and recording

* Understands his/her role as leader as well as a team player who is willing to work within the boundaries of the pastoral staff and elder board

  • Excellent people skills to recruit, train and encourage volunteers

  • Musical ability in more than one instrument is a plus

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field (music, Christian ministry) is a plus





Music & Production Multifaceted knowledge of:

  • Experience using Planning Center, ProPresenter, Mac OS, Canva, Church Community Builder

  • Soundboard, video/livestream, projection, microphone, in-ear monitors, recording equipment, etc.

  • Instrumental care and proper storage

  • Music production in various genres

  • Vocals: Vocal health, harmonies, blending, singing techniques and dynamics





Additional responsibilities will depend on candidate’s training, experience and interests, and may include Pastoral Care, Weddings, Funerals, and other areas of church administration or leadership.