Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor Job Description

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Reports To: This position reports to the Emmanuel Fellowship Elder Board and

specifically to the Elder Board Chairman and the Executive Committee of

the Elder Board

Purpose: The Senior Pastor will be a servant leader called of God to be the

practical and spiritual leader of the church and is under the authority

of the Emmanuel Fellowship Elder Board. He is responsible to the Lord

and the church to primarily proclaim the gospel, teach the Bible and

make disciples of Jesus Christ. He is to provide pastoral care and

shepherding of the body, supervisory leadership in all areas, and to

work with the Board of Elders to provide both vision and direction for

Emmanuel Fellowship.

Status: Full-time based on a 48-hour work-week

Exempt Status: Exempt

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

• Elder/Overseer/Administrator – Under the authority of and in conjunction with

the Emmanuel Fellowship Elder Board is responsible as the principal leader and

vision caster of the church

o Provides leadership in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating

and evaluating the total ministry of the church within the direction

and approval of the Elder Board

? Communicates with and receives approval of Elder Board for all

major decisions

o Prepares reports and attends all Elder Board meetings

? Is a voting member of the Elder Board

o Understands and agrees to support the By-Laws and Statement of Faith

? Leads the church to understand, embrace and accomplish its

mission and vision

o Provides support to the Office Manager

? Provides support to the Office Manager in the process of

developing job descriptions, compensation packages, annual

reviews, conflict resolution, hiring and terminations of staff

? Prepares and conducts weekly staff meetings

• Pastor/Teacher – Responsible as the principal communicator of God’s Word

o Plans and conducts services; prepares and accurately teach/preach the

whole Word of God

? Guards against false teachings and doctrines

? Prepares the congregation for the return of the Lord

o Participates in the planning and execution of worship while being

sensitive to the work and moving of the Holy Spirit’s leading during

the service

• Shepherd – Models the heart of Christ as shepherd and ensures that the church

is well led, cared for, protected and covered in prayer

o Joyfully educates and builds up the body toward unity, faith, knowledge

and maturity equipping them for service by assisting them in

discovering, developing and deploying their spiritual gifts – nurturing

into ministry

o Builds relationships with congregants demonstrating love and value to

each member

o Gives equal attention to all age groups in the body

o Provides pastoral care of visiting members and prospects (hospital

visitation, home visits, prayer)

o Be available to the congregation – make time in your schedule to be


o Conducts counseling sessions with discretion and confidentiality

o Performs wedding ceremonies and conduct funerals

• Outreach/Evangelism – Provides leadership in community outreach, and evangelism

o Provides leadership in encouraging community outreach

o Maintains and grows relationship with Northwest High School

? Encourage members continued involvement with Northwest High


o Seek and deploy ideas/events for community evangelism

o Equip and encourage individual evangelism

• Other duties as may be assigned

Job Skills and Requirements:


• Ordained as a minister of the Gospel. A seminary degree is preferred (M. Div)

Experience and Expertise:

• Prefer a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a Senior Pastor (with multiple

staff) of a church with 200+ attendance

• Demonstrates a high level of effectiveness in Biblical preaching and teaching

• Strong interpersonal, verbal and written skills

• Is above reproach and demonstrates the qualifications listed in I Timothy 3:1-7

and Titus 1:5-9

• Demonstrates wisdom and is an effective problem solver, decision maker and

exhibits sound judgement. Adept at handling conflict resolution

• Knows his spiritual gifts and effectively focuses his ministry in those areas

• Maintains personal disciplined life of regular fellowship with God in worship,

Bible study and prayer

• Recognizes and submits to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit

• Able to maintain confidentiality

• Has a heart for the next generation without neglect to other generations

• Is a Christ-like disciple and is focused on making disciples for Christ

• Has a passion for equipping the saints for personal ministry and evangelism

• Able to maintain a balanced lifestyle that honors God, family, and friendships