Part Time Youth Director

The objective of the Youth Program of the Little Chapel on the Boardwalk is to help our young people (1) to grow spiritually through our Presbyterian beliefs, (2) to learn about their faith through Bible study, discussions, prayer, and sharing opportunities, (3) to experience joy and fellowship through P.Y.C. sponsored learning, social and fun activities, (4) to avail themselves of opportunities for participating in Church and Community service, and (5) to learn to share their faith with others, supervised by Head of Staff. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Plan, organize, and supervise Sunday evening programs and retreats for the Middle School and High School aged youth of the Little Chapel with the assistance of the PYC leadership team.

  2. Ensure that the Sunday morning class for Middle School and High School is properly staffed and has current curriculum.

  3. Be in attendance at all Youth activities and programs or insure that qualified adults are designated and in attendance.

  4. Be responsible for communicating with the young people and/or parents of all planned programs and activities.

  5. Be visible in church on Sunday mornings.

  6. Coordinate all out-of-town activities with the Christian Education Committee and with the consent of the Senior Pastor.

  7. Perform other various other duties related to Youth Ministries and be a resource to the Christian Education Committee, as needed and as work hours allow.

Hours:   15 to 20 hours per week.  Schedules will be coordinated with Senior Pastor.


An evaluation shall be conducted 90 days after commencement of employment for the purpose of mutual discussion of ways to improve the Program.  Thereafter, a yearly evaluation shall be conducted by members of the Personnel and Planning Committee.

 Personal Conduct:

No staff member may be involved with a PYC sponsored function who shows evidence of being under the influence of alcohol and/or an abused substance.  Exemplary conduct is expected in all PYC-connected activities. 

The selected candidate for this position shall abide by the Presbyterian Church USA Safe Sanctuary program, and authorize a background check as a condition of employment.  The selected candidate shall posses a driving record free of any unsafe acts or legal charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The selected candidate will regularly inform and update the congregation about activities and programs (including contributions to the website and social media platforms).