Student Ministries Pastor

Overview: Calvary’s Student Ministries pastor will work with our youth ranging from 6th to 12th grade.  We see them as the champion of our students and their families. Our priorities are to help our youth and their families strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, grow in their love for God and others, and live as followers of Jesus in the Truth of Scripture and power of the Holy Spirit.  As a part of their role, we expect our Student Ministries pastor to train our youth to reach their peers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This full-time position will call for enthusiasm, faith, pastoral care and leadership, as well as a commitment to loving our students and being involved in our English and Spanish services.

Responsible to: Lead Pastor, along with the Executive Pastor and Overseers

Goal: to prepare our youth to love God and love others more like Jesus.  


  1. Develop a youth ministry that equally involves and integrates youth from both of our services.

  2. Be a model of a Jesus-follower in their faith, family, fun, freedom & finances.


  1. Received Jesus Christ, been baptized, and want to serve, honor and glorify the Lord.

  2. A proven heart for youth, and an ability to connect with and counsel them.

  3. At least 3 years of student/youth ministry experience that demonstrates an ability to share the Gospel, lead Bible studies, and work well with volunteers, ministry leaders and staff.

  4. A partnership mind-set with parents in their role as their youths’ primary disciplers.

  5. Sufficient training, preferably a BA degree, along with a commitment to further training, to professionally fulfill ministry responsibilities.

  6. Active commitment to Calvary through an ongoing Agreement with Calvary’s Statement of Faith, and ongoing personal practice of tithing to Calvary to support our Mission and Goal achievement.

  7. Meet the qualifications of a Pastor / Overseer (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).


  1. Can speak English and Spanish conversationally.

  2. Self-motivated leader who is passionate about helping youth follow Jesus.

  3. Faithfully and enthusiastically fulfill their responsibilities.

  4. Demonstrate ongoing participation & healthy boundaries in their family life.

  5. Stay involved in the church’s services and responsive to its leadership.

  6. Attend the regularly scheduled leadership meetings and retreats.

  7. Have weekly office hours, but have an emphasis on attending community/school youth events.

  8. Devote 40+ hours a week to fulfilling their ministry duties.

  9. Develop public speaking skills, with a readiness to speak to both services occasionally.

  10. Show discretion and purity, especially in relationships with youth.

  11. Be in a mentoring relationship to grow personally and professionally. 


  1. Model a “love God and love others more like Jesus” lifestyle with our youth.

  2. Apply Calvary’s Mission and Goal to the vision and plan for our youth ministry.

  3. Oversee the planning, implementation and growth of our youth ministry.

  4. Recruit, train, deploy and supervise adult leaders for student ministries.

  5. Use service projects, internships, retreats, and mission trips to disciple our youth.

  6. Work with Young Life and other like-minded groups, to directly and indirectly evangelize non-Christian youth.

  7. Connect with our Children’s Director for planning, encouragement and training.

  8. Help the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor as needed with various ministry tasks.


  1. Base Package will be based on experience, education and skill starting at $55,500 (salary, housing and medical).

  2. $100 per month for ministry related supplies and development.

  3. 6% Retirement payments based on agreed-upon Salary Package.

  4. One paid yearly ministry retreat with your spouse.

  5. Two weeks paid vacation per year.