Coopersville Campus Pastor

All Shores Wesleyan Church is in search of its next Campus Pastor to assist in leading and cultivating a vibrant church expression in the town of Coopersville, MI.  All Shores is a multi-site Church that believes that God calls us to radically love and grow together in Christ and we strive every week to point our folks in that direction.  We also believe that life is messy, but we are all in it together because life is better together!  The Coopersville Campus has existed for 10 years, meets in a rented facility and has been laid on a solid foundation.  The community is rural, but closely connected to urban and suburban settings.

Here is a basic overview of what we are looking for in this position:


Purpose: To build, grow and pastor the Coopersville Campus of All Shores Wesleyan Church. Additionally, the role facilitates worship leading at the Campus.

*This role could also serve on the teaching team, but not required.  Primarily will serve as the pastoral presence and worship leader (our campuses are video-based venues)

Status: Full-time with benefits


Key Attributes:

  • Clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and exhibits active abiding practices.

  • A primary expectation is to serve as an “equipper” and to coach to others.

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred; willingness to pursue ordination in the Wesleyan Church if not already ordained in it.

  • Demonstrates strong leadership qualities and abilities.

  • Shares in the vision to engage in our conversion culture with integrity and passion.


Gifts and Traits Expected for This Role:

  • Organized, creative, and innovative in ministry approach.

  • Relational, outgoing, and can build and extend trust with others.

  • Heart for personal growth and evangelism.

  • Works well in a collaborative/team driven environment-departmentally and staff wide.

  • The passion to work hard as well as to play hard.

  • Has regular rhythms and goals to stay healthy in personal life.

  • Is gifted to lead worship


Experience Required:

  • Ability to pastor people

    • Build meaningful relationships and care for people while demonstrating, by example, All Shores values and initiatives.

    • Disciple and train people

  • Ability to lead others

    • Develop leaders

    • Organization/management of teams

    • Present vision to leadership/church

    • Continually developing and increasing circle of influence with people

    • Leads by serving others

    • Delegate well, has a strong sense of team

  • Ability to communicate to congregation

    • Comfortable in front of people

    • Speaks clearly and intentionally

    • Help guests feel welcome and comfortable

    • Present All Shores purpose and vision clearly


Campus Pastor responsibilities:

  • Weekly Responsibilities (between Sundays)

    • Attend meeting with Campus Ministries Team, Staff Chapels and Full Staff Meetings.

    • Appointments with Group Leaders, volunteers and potential leadership.

    • Evaluate Connection Cards weekly for prayer needs, info requests, etc.

    • Communicate upcoming events with campus.

    • Assist in implementing stage designs for series changes.

    • Collect all supplies needed for coming weekend from the Spring Lake Campus.

    • Make building available for Groups and Teams if needed.

    • Communicate with all campus leadership teams regarding weekend services.

    • Coordinating regularly with Central departments that the campus.

    • Continually building systems that will create growth at the campus.

    • Be available for appointments (counseling, pre-marital, etc.).

    • Respond to emails and phone calls within 24 to 48 hour time frame.

    • Plan/Implement monthly meeting with all campus volunteer Team Leaders.

    • Prepare campus facility for upcoming weekend services.

    • Have a Sunday message prepared in the event of technological malfunction.

    • Support in providing direction for special Campus Ministry activities. 

    • Identify, recruit and train lay ministers and volunteers to serve as Group Leaders.

    • Supports and helps develop and implement a system for follow up, training, and discipleship for new believers and those being baptized thru the campus.

    • Identifies and works with Outreach Team to meet the unique needs of the Coopersville community.

    • Builds relationships with school and community leaders.

    • Works to create awareness in the Coopersville community of the campus.

  • Weekend Responsibilities (Services)

    • Work with a team to have campus facility opened and prepped for services.

    • Make sure all bases are covered with Campus Teams.

    • Gives leadership and support to paid and volunteer staff.

    • Facilitate all services on Sunday.

    • Secure campus facility following worship services.

    • Love, encourage and pastor people.

    • Connect with new people.

    • Lead/Assist with The Journey.

Campus Worship Leader responsibilities:

  • Cultivates a heart of worship personally, within the campus worship band, and within the campus as a whole.

  • Provides programming and creative leadership for the Coopersville Campus in service planning under the direction of the Worship Pastor.

  • Produces and communicates schedules and plans to all in-service participants and volunteers (worship band, tech team, other service participants) for the Coopersville Campus including contributions to quarterly worship band scheduling.

  • Serves as the primary worship leader for the Coopersville Campus services (leading at least 50% of the time, or approximately 2x per month).

  • Equips alternate worship leaders and musicians to lead effectively on remaining weeks.

  • Ensure the All Shores worship “DNA” is carried out at the Coopersville Campus through practices including:

    • Ensuring worship songs are selected from pre-approved All Shores song library (Planning Center) both when leading worship and when empowering others to lead

    • Utilizing All Shores musician training models and materials

    • Execute service orders as planned in cooperation with Worship Pastor and provide feedback as necessary to central worship planning teams.

    • Promotes and supports All Shores worship theology and advances it through the campus worship expression.

    • Shepherds campus worship band members toward the goal of maturing worshippers and reproducing other campus worship leaders.

  • Participates in worship services and other events as directed.



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