Communications Director


The Communications Director at Fellowship Dallas serves in a leadership role to:

  • Develop a multi-channel communications strategy driven by the church’s vision and mission.

  • Unify and align everyday messaging with the church’s “DNA,” goals, and priorities.

  • Partner with ministries to mobilize their specific audiences to respond and engage.

  • Guide a team of staff and volunteers to implement effective communications strategies.

  • Ensure high-quality, high-impact communications to reach both internal and external audiences.

  • Be air traffic controller, keeping communications requests on time and on budget.



The Communications Director at Fellowship Dallas also:

  • Has a seat at the table with the Lead Team, the Teaching Team and, as appropriate, the Elder Board to be informed of leadership priorities/decisions, with an invitation to speak into communications/marketing issues.

  • Advocates for creative and clear communications in all settings.

  • Proactively plans and works with ministries to support/guide their communications effort.

  • Develops and/or oversees processes and tools that foster effective communications flow.

  • Has a strong understanding of communications strategy, writing/editing, storytelling, graphic design, and social media, with a high value on audience engagement.

  • Leads and manages coordinators, assistants and/or volunteers to help implement multi-channel communications strategies and tactics. This team will:

    • Help strategize and plan communications/marketing 6-12 months in advance.

    • Own and manage the church’s brand/identity.

    • Keep social media/website engaging and aligned with the digital ministry plan.

    • Participate in the creation of digital and print content.

    • Capture and share stories of life change and impact.

    • Carry out the day-to-day tasks of facilitating communications/marketing.



  • A Jesus follower whose love for, devotion to, and abiding in Jesus spills over into all domains of life, work, and relationships.

  • A leader, big-picture planner, ministry partner, coach, and motivator.

  • A developer of people who meets them where they are and helps them grow.

  • A creator who continually looks for ways to communicate existing church-wide and ministry programs in creative ways that will evoke a response from the congregation and community.

  • Someone with marketing and public relations skills who can assess and determine the most effective ways to communicate a message to its intended audience.

  • Someone who understands vision cast by leadership and plans and organizes communications messages in a way that best reflects church priorities.

  • A relator who can sit at the table with leadership, act as an advocate for creative and clear communications, and connect with ministries on a personal face-to-face and regular basis to understand their ministries’ goals and needs.

  • Someone with strong copywriting/editing skills who communicates clearly and effectively using the written word.

  • Someone who understands current trends and who can speak into design, video, and other creative projects.

  • Someone with a good balance of these traits:

  • Decisive – A quick thinker who can problem solve and decide which hill is the most important to climb.

  • Persuasive – A vision caster who helps others see how communications contributes to the mission and vision of Fellowship Dallas.

  • Empathetic – The ability to understand and advocate for the needs of the team, the congregation and the community.

  • Cooperative – A team player across the organization.



Ideally, the Communications Director at Fellowship Dallas will have:

  • 3-5 years’ experience in Communications

  • A degree in Communications (or similar)

  • A marketing background