Senior Pastor

Signal Church

Job Description


Position:                      Senior Pastor


Reports to:                  Congregation, through the Elder Board


Purpose:                      The Senior Pastor is responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church and shall provide for the spiritual growth of the congregation. The goals for the church shall be:

  1. Developing and deepening the spiritual maturity of those in the congregation.

  2. Equipping the congregation for ministry and outreach.

  3. Growing the church through evangelism and discipleship; and

  4. Implementing the church's statement of faith. The pastor shall also set the tone, direction, and pace for the ministries, programs, and prayer life of the church

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

 Preaching (20%)

  1. Expository teaching and preaching of the Word of God, emphasizing its application to the lives and service of those in the congregation.

  2. Prepare sermons and teaching directed toward enhancing the congregation's spiritual growth.

  3. Conduct the church's public worship and administer its ordinances; conduct weddings, funerals, etc. as needed.

 Church Leadership (30%)

  1. Participates as a member of the Elder Board.

  2. Along, with other elders and pastors, is responsible for the spiritual direction of the church.

  3. Working in cooperation with the Elder Board, organize and implement a strong leadership development program for the church.

  4. Serve as an example to the congregation and community in personal evangelism and discipleship.

  5. Act as an ex -officio member of all boards, committees, and ministry programs of the church and its auxiliary organizations.

  6. Supervise and direct the pastoral and professional staff.

  7. Encourage each staff member and non-staff leader in their spiritual growth and development.

  8. Follow a regular devotional discipline for their own personal and spiritual growth and that of their family.

  9. Handle other such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Elder Board.

Shepherding: (35%)

  1. Be involved in counseling, prayer, visitation, and other such interpersonal activities that will relate to the flock and be aware of their needs.

  2. Demonstrate a pastoral awareness of and concern for the needs of the congregation.

Planning/Development (15%)  

  1. Provide for the broad direction of the church.

  2. Oversee and develop goals, objectives and activities of the various ministry areas.

  3. Work in concert with appropriate church leadership in the development and implementation of long range and/or strategic plans.



  1. Evidence of pastoral education, BS or BA required, MDiv or equivalent preferred

  2. Ordained or ordainable

  3. Demonstrated Christian maturity which includes being:

    1. Evangelical in convictions

    2. Willing to abide by the Statement of Faith

    3. Committed to the authority of God's Word

    4. Committed to the ministry, purpose and objectives of this church

    5. Committed to scriptural tithing

  4. Possess several years of preaching, shepherding and leadership experience within a related church environment.

  5. Possess strong skills in the following areas:

    1. Expository teaching and preaching of the Word

    2. Interpersonal relationships (love for people)

    3. Gifts of an overseer: ability to direct and minister through others

    4. Ability to creatively oversee the ministry of a growing and active church of similar size

    5. Outstanding verbal and written communications skills

    6. Administration and organization

 To apply please submit the following items;

  1. Video of sermon preached in the last 18 months – maximum time length 40 minutes

  2. Letter of introduction – reasons for looking to for a new position – family history past and present.

  3. Social media account listing

  4. Educational experience with documentation

  5. Writing sample of your teaching

 Submit the above to this website.