Ridgeland Community Church is a small, non-denominational evangelical church. Our pastor and his family moved out of state in early July 2020 and we are seeking a new pastor.

  • The pastor is responsible to the church for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, for using his skills in administrative leadership, for engaging in pastoral care ministries to meet the needs of people in the church and in the community, and to oversee the work of the paid staff. Organizationally, the pastor reports to the board of elders.
    Set as a guideline of personal behavior the standard required in I Timothy 3:1-7, I Peter 5:1-4, and Titus 1:5-9.

  • Engage and encourage all demographics of the church family: children, teens, young adults, older adults, singles, and married couples.

  • Provide or delegate administrative leadership for the total church program.

  • Maintain a regular program of personal study to enable himself to plan and conduct meaningful worship services.

  • Prepare for and conduct worship services, lead in the observance of the ordinances, and set an example to the church in proclaiming the gospel, both within the church and to the community.

  • Visit or meet with members and regular attenders to provide shepherding care, support, and counseling as required.

  • Clearly communicate times and methods of availability for congregational needs.

  • Supervise the church paid staff according to staff organization.

  • Conduct premarital, vocational, family, bereavement, counseling sessions, etc., as needed. Advise other professional help when necessary.

  • Initiate or participate in church discipline where required.

  • Perform child dedications, baptisms, wedding ceremonies and funeral services.

  • Serve as a member of both the elder board and the trustee board. Actively participate in both.

  • Cooperate with and lead the church in supporting the local faith community.

  • Serve as a representative of the church in local civic matters.

  • Model an example of seeking to reach the unsaved; encourage the membership to share their faith as well.

  • Plan and promote periods of special emphasis for spiritual growth of members and attenders.

  • Demonstrate wise financial stewardship of both the church’s finances and his own resources.

  • Support and attend church fellowship events.

  • Take continuing education as required for his position.

Ridgeland Community Church in Henrietta, New York is seeking a pastor who meets the following qualifications:

  • Meets the qualifications of an Elder (also referred to as Bishop in some translations) set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9.

  • Holds to a Biblical theology that is consistent with the Statement of Faith of Ridgeland Community Church (see RCC profile above).

  • Has a passion for God’s Word, is very knowledgeable in it, studies it, and is able to communicate it effectively in a manner relevant to people from different cultures, ages, educational backgrounds, and life experiences.

  • Loves the Lord wholeheartedly and is always seeking a deeper personal relationship with Him.

  • Loves people whether or not they are Christ-followers.

  • Has a shepherd’s heart, desires to be involved in the lives of individuals and families, and is able to counsel, encourage, and equip people for their service to the Lord.

  • Has a vision and concern for children, teens, and college-age individuals and is knowledgeable and experienced in successfully ministering to these age groups.

  • Embraces and supports cross-cultural ministries as well as individual and corporate mission outreaches to the immediate community and throughout the world.

  • Is able to support and help implement the Vision (see RCC profile above) of Ridgeland Community Church.

  • Is experienced in teaching, preaching, and spiritual leadership.

  • College level studies and some Bible college or seminary training are preferred.