Events Director

Purpose of the Job:

To serve Fellowship Church by leading the Event Department staff in the organization and implementation of successful Events while maintaining the culture of excellence.

Experience and Knowledge Required:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel

  • Five years of successful service at Fellowship Church on Staff or the Dream Team

  • Proven ability to lead and build teams through Staff, professional organizations, Small Group leadership or Dream Team service

  • Profound and acknowledged understanding of the Fellowship Church culture

  • Ability to handle multiple projects effectively

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Lead and manage the Events Staff, Dream Team, and Events Team in the planning and execution of all churchwide and department events across all campuses

  • Lead, manage, and develop teams on the Events Dream Team including, but not limited to, the Baptism Team

  • Receive vision and direction from Executive Team regarding events and serve as liaison between Executive Team and all Staff and Dream Team

  • Present event design to Executive Team and collaborate with Creative Department to keep event cohesive and consistent across all departments

  • Lead Staff, Dream Team, including the Events Team, in the evaluation of each event to identify improvement opportunities

  • Lead and manage the Event Staff in the execution of their responsibilities

  • Communicate vision and expectations for all events

  • Develop and manage the overall budget for each event, collaborating and communicating with all departments and teams to stay within budget

  • Ensure all purchase requisitions are submitted in a timely manner, taking into consideration shipping time and cost, as well as the purchasing policy

  • Communicate consistently with all Staff members involved in the execution of events, including but not limited to the Facilities, Business Operations, Creative, Production, and Ministry Operations Departments

  • Utilize and be proficient in Planning Center Online and Event Software

  • Utilize and record all administration efforts efficiently and effectively, including but not limited to written Event Plans, etc.

  • Ensure vision for events is achieved and upheld at each campus

  • Ensure that the culture of excellence is maintained within the Event Staff, Event Dream Team, and at each event

  • Provide direction and ensure leadership development is occurring within the Event Staff and Event Dream Team

  • Provide “win” opportunities for Event Staff members

  • Participate in leadership meetings with Dream Team Leaders

  • Weekly Responsibilities

    • Attend weekly staff meetings

    • Respond to emails, phone calls, and texts in a timely manner

    • Execute additional responsibilities and tasks as assigned by direct supervisor and Executive Team


  • Initiative

  • Communication Proficiency

  • Problem Solving/Analysis/Conflict Resolution

  • Project Management/Organization

  • Decision Making

  • Positive attitude

  • Love for God

  • Work ethic that is excellent, protective, and frugal with time and money

  • Attitude of a servant

  • Fun/enjoyable to be with

  • Devoted to the call of God and the vision of Fellowship Church

  • Love for people with a desire to impact them through the Gospel of Jesus

Employee possesses and exhibits the following core values in their daily lives:

  • Love for God

    • Prays, reads Bible, fasts

    • Maintains a life of holiness, integrity and character

    • Has grace for the tasks necessary for the position

  • Love for People

    • Able to recruit and build teams

    • Maintains strong relationships with Dream Team members, Staff and students by communicating vision, relevance and measurement

    • Communicates well with Staff, Dream Team, and potential Dream Team members

    • Creates an environment where people feel connected

    • Has great vision for the Events Department, Registration, and the team

  • Work ethic that is excellent, protective, and frugal with time and money

    • Actively seeks opportunities to improve each event/service

    • Prepares in advance for Events and materials needed at those Events

    • Able to multi-task and coordinate simultaneous projects and Events

    • Strives for a spirit of excellence

    • Seeks opportunities to reduce costs by developing relationships with local vendors to obtain the best rates

    • Able to delegate responsibilities and tasks to different teams and Staff members

  • Attitude of a servant, enjoyable to be with and devoted to the call of God and the Church

    • Desires to serve Event Coordinator, Event Team, Staff, members, and guests

    • Strives to build an environment of fun within the teams and at each event

    • Committed to the overall vision of Fellowship Church and the Events Department

    • Committed to the core values and purposes of Fellowship Church

    • Provides support (or direction) to other teams and departments as needed

Physical Demands

  • Elements of this position require moving, lifting and pushing heavy items

Extent of Public Contact:

  • Consistent contact with Executive Team regarding Fellowship Church events

  • Fellowship Church Pastors and Staff members

  • Events Team